EUROPRACTICE : 20 Years of microelectronics education in Europe  - Celebrating the past - Planning the future






Prof. Herman Maes, Senior Vice-President INVOMEC, IMEC

EUROCHIP, the birth of a strategic action

Dr. Klaus Wölcken, formerly EC Project Officer of EUROCHIP

Good practice at European level: New perspectives

Prof. George Metakides, University of Patras (formerly Director of EC ESPRIT and IST Programmes)

EUROPRACTICE : A passport for the future of IC design in Europe

Prof. Michel Declercq, EPFL

University education in chip design and chip manufacturing and the benefits for enterprises

Prof. Richard Hagelauer, Johannes Kepler University of Linz

Eurochip/Europractice has opened a door to Europe - Central and Eastern European Universty view

Doc. Ing. Marián Veselý, Slovak University of Technology in Bratilava

From ES2 to ARM and Global Success - what works in business and what criteria business people look for in the engineers they hire?

Sir Robin Saxby, formerly Chairman & CEO ARM

Skilled for Innovation? - are Universities and the Electronics Industry aligned to create innovative, world class companies?

Paul Greenfield, CEO Aspex Semiconductor

Academic education versus industrial needs - some ideas about a successful relationship

Prof. Otto Manck, TU Berlin

Europractice and Innovation

Dirk Beernaert, Head of Unit Nanoelectronics, EC, DG Information Society and Media

Current status and offering of the Europractice Project

Dr. John McLean, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory