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Europractice Silicon Photonics MPW offer


For Silicon Photonic IC prototyping, EUROPRACTICE currently offers the following technologies through MPW service:

EUROPRACTICE offers access to MPW services for non-commercial use by universities and research centers.
For commercial use, EUROPRACTICE will bring you in direct contact with the foundry.


EUROPRACTICE offers support by way of :

  • Technology information, design rules, design templates, etc.
  • Design kit for SiPhotonics CAD software (layer file, DRC, basic libary, compact model library (CML), etc.)
  • Access to low cost CAD tools for Photonics design from either Phoenix Software , Luceda Photonics or Lumerical .
  • Special discounted prototype fabrication prices

ePIXfab is the European silicon photonics R&D foundry initiative. Europractice works closely with ePIXfab to implement the SiPhotonics MPWs.

ePIXfab also offers additional support:

  • Training and tutorials
  • Packaging service

See for further information.

The procedure to get access to the technology information can be found in the foundry access section.


General information about EUROPRACTICE:

Attn : Paul Malisse
Kapeldreef 75
B-3001 Leuven, Belgium
Email :

Specific information about the SiPhotonics MPWs:

The EUROPRACTICE Silicon Photonics Support Team
E-mail :



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