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Europractice Silicon Photonics MPW offer


For Silicon Photonics IC prototyping, EUROPRACTICE currently offers the following technologies through MPW service:


EUROPRACTICE offers support by way of :

  • Technology information, design rules, design templates, etc.
  • Design kit for SiPhotonics CAD software (layer file, DRC, basic libary, compact model library (CML), etc.)
  • Access to low cost CAD tools for Photonics design from either Phoenix Software , Luceda Photonics , Lumerical or Cadence .
  • Special discounted prototype fabrication prices

EUROPRACTICE currently supports SiPhotonics MPW technologies that were previously developed in the ePIXfab project (FP6-004525).
ePIXfab continues as a European alliance of organizations that promotes silicon photonics science, technology, and application through a fabless model for the development of silicon photonic circuits based on existing photonics and CMOS infrastructure.

The procedure to get access to the technology information can be found in the foundry access section.


General information about EUROPRACTICE:

Attn : Paul Malisse
Kapeldreef 75
B-3001 Leuven, Belgium
Email :

Specific information about the SiPhotonics MPWs:

The EUROPRACTICE Silicon Photonics Support Team
E-mail :



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