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  IHP SG25_PIC SiPhotonics: passives Ge photodiode


Basic characteristics

  • Passive waveguide structures
  • Three ething levels (220nm, 70nm, 120nm)
  • Two waveguide doping levels
  • 5 metal layer backend (3x metal + 2x top metal)
  • Modulator building block
    • 15GHz bandwidth
    • 15dB insertion loss
    • Vpi=6V
    • 5mm long
  • Germanium photodiode building block
    • 40GHz bandwidth@-2V
    • 0.6A/W responsivity
  • Optional localized backside etching
  • 248nm DUV stepper lithography

Cross section of a modulator waveguide

Germanium photodiode without backend

Indicative performance

  Device Specification
  Strip waveguide Loss <3dB/cm
  Rib waveguide (70nm etch) Loss <1.5dB/cm
  Rib waveguide (120nm etch) Loss <2dB/cm
  1D Fiber coupler (14, TE) Insertion loss <5dB


The prototypes will be fabricated in IHP's pilot line using:

  • 200mm Wafer
    • 220nm silicon layer
    • 2μm buried oxide
    • Lightly p-doped
    • Resistivity about 10Ωcm
  • 248nm deep UV and i-line scanner (fixed dose for all masks)
  • Dry/wet etching, CMP, implantation deposition, epitaxy
  • EM measurements on CD structures, other features dimensions will not be measured

PDK support

  • TexEDA based PDK
    • GDSII editing and viewing
    • Hierarchical layouts
    • DRC
    • Electronic-photonic netlist extraction
    • LVS
    • Layout-schematic cross-probe functionality
    • Filler generation
  • Ipkiss library
    • parametric building blocks supporting TexEDA's LVS
  • Cadence Virtuoso Support scheduled Q2 2016

Sample applications

  1pol QPSK receiver assembly, 28GBd   Coiled strip waveguide, surrounded by waveguide filler structures  
  10GBps push-pull modulator with integrated driver      


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