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Alliance Partners

The "EUROPRACTICE Alliance Network" is a network of design houses that work together with the EUROPRACTICE IC Service in order to offer a total solution including design services. This adds a new dimension to the services currently available, which include low cost prototyping and production, packaging and test.

Design houses which have already collaborated with the IC Service on past IC volume projects and can offer experience in designing for the range of manufacturing processes available through EUROPRACTICE can join the Network. About 20 design houses are expected to become Alliance Partner immediately.

Through the EUROPRACTICE Alliance Partners you have access to:

The EUROPRACTICE IC Service offers ASIC prototyping and small volume.

The EUROPRACTICE Alliance Partners currently are :







advICo microelectronics GmbH, Germany

Aemics BV, The Netherlands


Anafocus Ltd, Spain AnSem N.V., Heverlee, Belgium
C4i, France

Catena Microelectronics BV, Delft, The Netherlands


Cambridge Consultants, UK

Cambridge Consultants, Asic brochure

CSEM, Switzerland


DFchip, Brazil


Dolphin Integration, France

Dukosi, UK



Fraunhofer Institut for Integrated Circuits, Germany

Garfiled-Matrics, England

Gemac GmbH, Chemnitz - Germany

ICsense nv - Leuven, Belgium


  Kisel, Sweden



Neuricam, Italy

Saul Research, Northamptonshire, UK


SystematICDesign, The Netherlands


SwindonSilicon Systems, Swindon, UK


Suter IC-Design AG, Switzerland

VLC Photonics, Spain


VTT Electronics, Finland


Yanntek,Los Gatos, US


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