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Christine BEGOU
Tel.: +33 4 50 31 57 29
Fax: +33 4 50 31 57 20
E-mail: info@C4i.fr or begou@c4i.fr
WEB address: www.c4i.fr

The following information is a total for all Members of the Network

Turn over of the company (2001) 850 K Euros
% Turn over Digital ASICs (2001) 10%
% Turn over Analog and Mixed Signal ASICs (2001) 70%
Total number of personnel 12
Number of ASIC designers 8
Type of workstations IBM and SUN Stations
Design tools CADENCE

Experience (during the last 2 to 3 years)

Application domains

Experts in Number of ASIC designs per year : Typical examples of realised projects Other activities General description of the company

At mid way between laboratories and Industrials, C4i is a GIP (Group of Public Interest) created in order to help SME’s to introduce microelectronics in their products and  transfer Skill.
The second main activity of C4i aims to coordinate, manage and industrialize R&D projects for SME, BIG COMPANIES with the partnership and skill of laboratories (mainly IN2P3-CNRS).