Lansinkesweg 4
NL-7553 AE Hengelo
PO Box 960
NL-7550 AZ Hengelo
The Netherlands
Contact person: Mark Boer
Tel.: +31 74 256 66 15
Fax: +31 74 256 66 34
WEB Address:
Turn over of the company (2000) 363 kECU
% Turn over Digital ASICs (2000) 15 %
% Turn over Analog and Mixed Signal ASICs (2000) 55 %
Total number of personnel 6
Number of ASIC designers 5
Type of workstations PC and HP-unix
Design tools HDL designer, Modelsim, Exemplar, Tanner

Experience (during the last 2 to 3 years)

Application domains

Experts in

Number of ASIC designs per year : 2-3

Typical examples of realised projects

Other activities

General description of the company

Since 1995 AEMICS has been involved in the development and production of integrated electronic systems.  The developments we make are driven by customer requirements and the customer can rely on AEMICS's extensive knowledge base in the areas of imaging, embedded systems, data transmission, and signal processing.  For new and existing systems, AEMICS offer innovative integrated system solutions by combining system and chip (ASIC) technology.

In close cooperation with the customers, AEMICS aims to offer innovative solutions in integrated electronics, by applying continuously innovating design techniques and technologies.

AEMICS Solutions in Integrated Electronics offers customer specific development in two closely related product groups: Custom Systems and Custom Chips.  Closely related because we consider a Custom Chip as an electronic subsystem, which is always a part of a larger system.  By combining system and chip design knowledge we are not only able to respond to our customers' needs but also to communicate at the customer's preferred level.  That is why we offer turnkey solutions from Applications to Custom Chips.  Advantage of AEMICS integrated solutions include performance realization, size minimization, product proprietary right protection, and cost reduction.