Fraunhofer Institut for Integrated Circuits

Am Weichselgarten 3
D-91058 Erlangen
Contact Person: Mr Josef Sauerer
Tel.: +49 9131 776 410
Fax: +49 9131 776 499
Web Address:
Turn over of the company (1998) 26 Mio ECU
% Turn over Digital ASICs (1998) 3 Mio ECU
% Turn over Analog and Mixed Signal ASICs (1998) 4 Mio ECU
Total number of personnel> 170
Number of ASIC designers 45
Type of workstations SUN
Experience (during the last 2 to 3 years)

Application domains

Experts in Number of ASIC designs per year : 20
Typical examples of realised projects Other activities General description of the company

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits is one of Europe´s leading technology and vendor independent design facilities. The portfolio of technologies comprising GaAs, BiCMOS and CMOS allows us to cover RF designs, mixed signal designs and high complex digital designs for a broad range of applications. The design expertise is complemented by in-depth system know-how in the area of multimedia, digital communication, image processing and sensor systems. Special emphasis lies on the development of analog-to-digital converter macrocells and reusable core components (RAM, ROM,
microcontroller cores) as part of systems-on-silicon.

Also verification services for complex systems are available. Integrating magnetic and optical sensors in standard technologies allows cost effective ASIC solutions for microsystem applications. Conditions and design methodology for the total flow from specification to component delivery can be tailored to the needs of low volume applications.