VTT Electronics, Microelectronics

P.O. Box 1101
FIN-02044 VTT
Street Address: Tekniikantie 17, Otaniemi,Espoo
Contact Person: Dr Markku Aberg
Tel.: +358 9 456 66 19
Fax: +358 9 456 70 12
E-Mail: markku.aberg@vtt.fi
Web Address: http://www.vtt.fi
Turn over of the company (1998) 10 million EURO (Microelectronics)  
1 MEURO (IC Design)
% Turn over Digital ASICs (1998) 10 % (of IC Design)
% Turn over Analog and Mixed Signal ASICs (1998) 90 % (of IC Design)
Total number of personnel 80 (Microelectronics)
Number of ASIC designers> 10
Type of workstations> SUN, UNIX
Design tools Mentor Graphics (IC, DA , accusim, digisim, SDS, Autologic)  
Simulators: SmartSpice, UTMOST, ATLAS, HSpice, APLAC
Experience (during the last 2 to 3 years)

Application domains

Experts in Number of ASIC designs per year : 10 - 15
Typical examples of realised projects Other activities General description of the company

VTT Microelectronics is a department of VTT Electronics, which in turn is a division of VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).  VTT is an independent government owned research organisation with 2 800 employees.  It is divided into nine divisions or research institutes, of which VTT Electronics is one.  VTT Electronics has about 300 employees, 80 of which are at the unit of Microelectronics.  Of these, 50 are scientists with an academic degree.  The total budget of VTT is about 200 million EUROs , of which two thirds come from contract research.