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Multi Project Wafer Runs
EUROPRACTICE reduces the cost for ASIC prototyping by combining several designs from different customers onto one wafer. This approach, known as Multi-Project Wafer (MPW), allows the costs to be shared among a number of customers.

 Fabrication of prototypes can thus be as low as 5% to 10% of the cost of a full wafer run. A limited number of tested or untested ASIC prototypes, typically 10-20, are delivered to the customer for evaluation, either as naked dies or as encapsulated devices. Only prototypes from fully qualified wafers are taken to ensure that the chips delivered will function first time right
In order to achieve this, extensive Design Rule and Electrical Rule Checkings are performed on all designs submitted to the Prototyping Service.

EUROPRACTICE is organising about 130 MPW runs per year in various technologies. Most of the participating customers use these runs to get cheap samples for validation of their self-made designs.

Design Kits
Designers need the necessary information (design rules, electrical parameters, cell library, etc.) of the chosen technology before they can start the design phase. All this information is put together by the foundry in the so-called 'design kit'. Customers can have a copy of the design kits by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with EUROPRACTICE.

Prototype testing
In most of the cases our customers test their ASIC samples themselves. But for those who do not have this possibility we offer prototype testing. In order to set up a test solution, we need the testvectors from the customer. The testvectors are software generated (simulation) or manually made by the designer.

Prototype encapsulation
 EUROPRACTICE ASIC service offers encapsulated prototypes. It is required to supply the prototypes in a package which is as close as possible to the final ASICs delivered in production. The packaging is done by industrial assembly houses and the range of prototype packages includes DIL, SOIC, CLCC, JLCC, PGA, CQFP, etc. For specific requirements, a solution will be found.

Microsystems & MEMS
From beginning 2008, EUROPRACTICE started offering prototyping service in MEMS for non-commercial use by universities and research centers. Industry proven processes are available. MEMSCAP's PolyMUMPs, METALMUMPs and SOIMUMPs technologies are supported. Design handbooks and design kits available for typical MEMS CAD packages.

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