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imec is the EUROPRACTICE partner that grants customers access to UMC technologies and Faraday standard cell libraries.


1. Sign and return necessary documents

Attn : Wendy Fannes
Kapeldreef 75
B-3001 Leuven
Tel: +32(0)16 281 571


2. Download technology files

Upon receipt of the signed documents, imec will create an account on the download platform Querio and open access to it for the Technical Contact, i.e. a person responsible for downloading technology files and managing documents. Note that this person should be a permanent staff member. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact


3. Register and submit your design

  • Register your design via Design Registration form and reserve a spot in one of the scheduled runs. To do that, you will receive a user name and a password: They are different from the ones for Querio.
  • Submit the design before the deadline mentioned in the corresponding run schedule.

Faraday Terms and Conditions


EUROPRACTICE customers can get access to the “UMC sponsored” Faraday standard cell libraries (core, IO, memories, PLL) at the following conditions.

  • EUROPRACTICE universities and research institutes:
    • free access to front-end views (no GDS-II)
    • free tape out on EUROPRACTICE MPW prototype runs for non-commercial use
  • Other customers: Small and medium sized enterprises, as well as universities and research institutes accessing services for commercial use:
    • free access to front-end views (no GDS-II)
    • for industrial companies (or academics that tape out an industrial design) there will be a one time t/o fee of 5k$ for each design that is fabricated in silicon, when using the foundry sponsored libraries.
      It does not matter whether you get the libraries through EUROPRACTICE or directly through Faraday.
      Waiver only upon approval by Faraday.This means that:

      • The fee is applicable for each new product (refer to product name in the FAB)
      • The fee covers the use of all libraries from one technology node
      • The fee is not applicable to respins (e.g. metal updates)
      • The fee is not applicable when the step is taken from MPW production to Pilot run production or to Volume production

If you are planning to use these libraries, please inform us at least one month in advance, so we can invoice the amount due and the t/o fee can be paid prior to tape-out.





UMC Technology Information:

Erwin Deumens


Tel: +32(0)16 281 930

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