Access and contacts

The EUROPRACTICE partners imec and Fraunhofer offer customers a direct access to the X-FAB download website with all technical information and latest design kits.



Please, follow these steps:


1 – Sign and return necessary documents
Fill in the X-FAB NDA following these guidelines:

  • Please do not list the department name in the preamble, the NDA should be in name of the university/company. Always include the complete address details.
  • The NDA should be signed by a person with signing authority in name of the university/company. In case of doubt, please contact your legal department.

Send it in the PDF format to mpc@imec.be
Sign in 2 copies and return to:
Attn : Wendy Fannes
Kapeldreef 75
B-3001 Leuven
Tel: +32(0)16 281 571


2 – Download technology files
To create an account, please provide us with the details listed below:

  • Account holder contact name:
  • E-mail address: no private address, there should be a link to the university/company
  • Position/Job Role:

The account creation is limited to one contact. One additional contact is possible.


3- Register and submit your design

  • Register your design via Design Registration form and reserve a spot in one of the scheduled runs. To do that, you will receive a user name and a password.
  • Submit the design before the deadline mentioned in the corresponding run schedule

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact mpc@imec.be




X-FAB Technology Information:
Pieter Claes

e-mail: epxfab@imec.be

Tel: +32(0)16 288 770



To request the X-FAB NDA, please contact Fraunhofer colleagues mentioned below.




X-FAB Technology Information:

Stefan Rudischhauser

e-mail: virtual-asic@iis.fraunhofer.de

Tel: +49 (0) 9131 776 44 22

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