EUROPRACTICE is happy to announce a new MEMS process in MPW mode, namely XMB10 from X-FAB.

To stimulate users, X-FAB and imec have opened a Design Contest for novel MEMS applications in the XMB10 technology. The First Place Winner of this contest will receive a free MPW slot on the first run. You can find more information on the contest in the application form:

Application form
Technology characteristicsSingle, double or triple axis inertial sensor using cavity SOI wafer based technology.
Sensor elements formed by silicon DRIE process.
Optional top and bottom metal layers.
Top cap wafer: Silicon with etched cavities and bond pad openings.
Cost effective wafer level packaging by wafer bonding.
Special featuresRecessed fingers enable sensing in Z-direction.
100% efficient silicon mass possible.
Refilled isolated trenches.
Metal connections to the movable sensor structures.
Wire crossing allowed.
Small device size.
Low parasitic capacitances.
Low inside cavity pressure.

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