Glass Microfluidics

Glass wafer processing and glass substrate stacking is available through IMT AG for the realisation of full 3D channel structures. This is obtained by single sided isotropic wet etching of channels structures that are interconnected by vertical holes which are defined by laser-assisted etching. Subsequently, glass wafers can be bonded  on top of each other in order to create a full 3D fan-out structure. When combined with a Si sensor, these devices allow for the creation of miniaturised microfluidic structures  at the sensor level while having routing capabilities  to fit w/more macroscopic fluidic interfaces.


Fab description


IMT offers leading edge technology solutions by automated and standardized processes by applying MEMS production schemes and equipment on glass wafers.


Thanks to advances in laser machining, photolithography, etching automation, wafer bonding, functionalization, room temperature UV-adhesive bonding and other process improvements, glass and glass-hybrid materials are often both the best-performing and most cost-effective consumable material for Life Science and Diagnostics devices.


IMT has implemented an automated manufacturing line that allows cost effective mass manufacturing of consumables in a variety of glass substrate materials. The Ø200mm wafer automatic production line facilitates deposition and structuring of metallic and dielectric coatings, Wet- and Dry-Etch processes, wafer level fusion or UV-adhesive bonding, integration of electrodes, waveguides, optical filters and surface functionalization.

EUROPRACTICE webinar on glass Microfluidics

Wafer level processing glass wafers


IMT AG’s wafer level processing is based on well established SEMI equipment modified to accommodate the use of Ø200mm Glass wafers.

Wafer size200mm Glass
Wafer thickness0.2mm – 1.1mm
Substrate materialD263, MemPax/BF33, Corning Eagle, BK7, B270, Quartz
CoatingsFull surface
Structured, standard CD 2μm / special CD 200nm
Single-layer dielectric coatings Ta2O5, ITO, TiO2, SiO2, SiNx
Multilayer dielectric coatings AR / HR coatings
Ti, Au, Pt, Cr, Al, …
Channels and cavities etched in glassChannel depth: standard 3 - 300µm deep, special 1-3µm
Channel width: 2 x channel depth + 5μm
Holes and opening in glassVertical sidewalls
Round, square, other, …
Ø300µm and larger
Wafer-Level BondingFusion Bonding
Room Temperature UV-adhesion bonding
FilesDxf, GDSII, STP, …
DeliverablesProcessed glass wafer diced / undiced
Hybrid- wafers Si- and Glass bonded by UV-adhesive Bond process
200mm Glass Wafer with channels, fluidic and electric access holes
200mm Glass Wafer with TiAu electrodes and fluidic access holes

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