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GaN-IC Access and contacts



In order to participate in our MPW runs and to get access to the design kit PDK for this technology, a few steps are required:


1. Sign and return the DKLA:


Please sign the GaN-IC Design Kit License Agreement and send it by email to mpc@imec.be


Upon receipt and processing of your signed DKLAs, imec will create an account on the Querio platform and will open download access to the technical content (PDK).


The technical contact is responsible for the proper management of the documents after they are downloaded, therefore this contact should be a permanent staff member. Please contact mpc@imec.be in case of any question.


2.  Register your design:

The official online submission/registration service will require the full completion of step 1. Here, you will receive a different account username and password to register your design and reserve a space in the run.

  • Consider exploring in advance the registration menu, you can use the DEMO profile and check all the requirements before your official registration.
  • the GaN-IC offer is in the ‘IC Technology’ menu.
  • Please restrict the area values to the current offer: 5.15mmX5.15mm or 10.45mmX5.15mm blocks.


3. Submit your design:

  • Submit your registered design before the registration deadline given on the run schedule.
  • To submit your registered design (gdsii file), you can attach it to an email to ganmpw@imec-int.com.

If the file size is too large, we can open our FTP for upload.  In that case please encrypt the file before upload.

  • After your 1st submission, a cycle of 3 DRC iterations will start.




imec GaN-IC Technology Information:

Maritza Tangarife Ortiz

e-mail: ganmpw@imec-int.com

Tel: +32(0)16 281 372

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