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CMP distributes Design-Kits (DKs) of the AMF technology, containing principally standard cell libraries, models for specific software tools and design rules:

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DK are delivered after signature of a NDA/CLA and on condition that the designs are submitted to CMP for fabrication. Users are informed by CMP when a new DK release is issued, they can update their version. CMP supports the customers through a CMP DK Support center interface.

More details in each technology can be found in the CMP Process Catalog:




To start off with the NDA request and design submission procedure, create an account on myCMP

The registration must be done by the Technical Manager.

After Registration, all functionalities are available with your account. myCMP is a new online application which centralizes all the administrative (NDA, CLA, DKLA, etc.) and technical steps (reservations, orders, layout submission, DRC reports, etc).

It also allows you direct communication and real time follow up of your project.


Sign two original copies (mandatory) and return to:
Attn : Sylvaine EYRAUD
46 Avenue Félix Viallet

38031 Grenoble Cedex


P.: +33 4 76 57 46 79





AMF Technology Information

François Berthollet


Tel: +33-476 574 621

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