EUROPRACTICE offers access to the 200mm Si-Photonics technology: CMOS Si310-PHMP2M


This MPW capability on 310nm SOI platform is offering the design of various best performance passive and high-speed active devices such as silicon electro-optic modulators and germanium photo-detectors and still coupled with thermal tuning capability as metal heaters. Two AlCu levels are available for more optimal routing which is also compatible for backend treatment as Under Bump Metallization.

Si-Photonics ICs Si310-PHMP2M

Technology characteristics200mm SOI platform with 300nm Si and 800nm buried oxide
Multilevel patterning to define various silicon heights of 0, 65, 165 and 300nm
2 metal layers
Passive structures
- 1D & 2D Grating couplers
- Shallow, deep rib and strip waveguides & bends
Active structures
- Lateral Ge PIN photodiode
- MZ and RR Modulators
- Multimode interferometers
- TiTiN Metal heater
Application areaTelecom, DataCom, ComputerCom.
Design kits version2017.2
DK font-end/back-end toolsCadence IC 6.1.5, Phoenix Software, Mentor Graphics Pyxis 15.5.5
DK simulation toolsEldo
Price & Fabrication scheduleCheck mycmp.fr for new prices
PackagingAll packages provided by CMP
Typical Turnaround timeTypical leadtime: 32 weeks

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