Global Foundries

The GLOBALFOUNDRIES silicon photonics foundry portfolio is designed to help customers deliver more data faster, farther and more efficiently than traditional CMOS technologies. The initial offering, 90WG, is an industry-first Si-Photonic foundry solution. Built on a production-ready, differentiated 90 nm SOI platform, the offering is manufactured at the GF 300 mm facility in East Fishkill, NY, enabling you to leverage high-volume manufacturing along with advanced processing and controls that utilize proven CMOS manufacturing methodologies and infrastructure.

GF Si-Photonics 90WG

Technology characteristicsThe technology features best-in-class performance in key parameters, including:
SOI waveguide loss;
Undercut thermal phase shifter;
Input/output single mode fiber fiber-to-chip coupling loss and optical return loss;
Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) and photodiode bandwidth.
HighlightsMonolithic integration of RF and digital elements, silicon photonics and fiber coupling.
Electro-optic PDK that enables co-design of both electrical and optical components at 1310 nm.
Extensive investment in test capabilities from wafer to module level, including wafer characterization that enables the fine tuning of SiPh manufacturing processes based on real-time measured results.
Fast prototyping through cost-effective multi-project-wafer runs.

More detailed information can be found on the GLOBALFOUNDRIES website.

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