Standard packaging

Price structure

  • The prices below are valid for all packages and bonding of designs with pad pitch of min. 90 microns
  • Minimum price for all packages depends on the EUROPRACTICE partner you work with.
     Fraunhofer and imec: the price of 10 packages.
     CMP: the price of 5 packages.
  • Cost for wire bonding length < 6mm and a passivation opening > 60µm x 60µm
  • Cost for glass lids for 1 to 20 packages: €150; for more than 20 packages: €7,50 per package

Please make sure you follow ASIC Package Design Rules and download the GDS file containing available packages within EUROPRACTICE.


EUROPRACTICE packaging offer is wider than the options listed below. Please contact us for more details.

Ceramic Packages

For Fraunhofer and imec customers, all CPGA and CERQUAD FP packages require a setup cost of €200 per bonding diagram. A setup cost is not involved for DIL, CSOIC, CLCC and JLCC.

For CMP customers, a preparation fee is €100 per bonding diagram and there is no fee required for EUROPRACTICE members.

Standard Ceramic Packaging Price List 2020

Dual-in-lineDIL 1643
DIL 1858
DIL 2453
DIL 2854
DIL 4058
DIL 4867
Ceramic Small Outline Integrated CircuitCSOIC 1673
CSOIC 2083
CSOIC 2486
CSOIC 2890
C-Leadless Chip CarriersCLCC 4458
CLCC 6879
CLCC 8480
J-Leaded Chip CarriersJLCC 4476
JLCC 6887
JLCC 8499
Ceramic Pin Grid ArrayCPGA 8485
CPGA 10097
CPGA 120108
CPGA 144116
CPGA 208185
CPGA 256239
Ceramic Quad Flat PackageCERQUAD FP 6492

Plastic 'Open-Pak' packages

The silicon thickness for “Open-Pak” plastic types may not exceed 280µm (11 mils). Please check it with the partner responsible for the technology in question.
For the QFN packages, EUROPRACTICE uses default epoxy sealed lids. “Taped” lids can be provided on request and responsibility of the customer. However, we cannot guarantee that “taped” lids do not come loose during transport. EUROPRACTICE takes no responsibility in this case.


A setup cost for plastic Open-Pak SOIC and QFN is €300.

Plastic “Open-Pak” packages Price List 2020

Plastic packages for small quantities (<100 units)

  • applicable to standard plastic packages available as open-tool on the market
  • assembly cost on request
  • extra delivery time

Non-standard assembly: Price quotation on request

  • Pad pitches smaller than 90µm (see above)
  • Bondpad opening smaller than 60µm x 60µm
  • Bondwires larger than 6mm or shorter than 1.50mm
  • Bondwire angle is sharper than 45°
  • Other bondwire thickness or type
  • To many downbonds from circuit to cavity or from package pin to cavity
  • Double/triple or more bondwires to 1 package pin
  • Bondpads not inline or inside circuit
  • Special placement of die into cavity
  • Package which is not on the EUROPRACTICE list (see below)
  • Special treatments during assembly
  • Stud Bumps


Non-standard ceramic and plastic “Open-Pak” packages

  • Market cost of a package type
  • Minimum cost: €250 + cost of 10 packages



Fixture boards for IC testing

  • Fixture boards developed by CMC for testing ICs (supporting package type 24-pin CFP up to 9 GHz, type 80-pin CFP up to ~7 GHz, type 120-pin CERQUAD FP up to 1.2 GHz)
  • Fixture design flow documentation and consulting services
  • High voltage fixtures for MEMS in DIP40, PGA68 and PGA84 packages
  • Bench-top fixtures for CFP80, CFP120, CERQUAD FP44, PGA68 and PGA84 packages

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