Foundry Access – General

Each EUROPRACTICE partner is responsible for granting access to a particular set of technologies and foundries. To start an application procedure, customers can select a technologythey are interested in and contact the partner responsible for it.


Here are quick links to the access information to particular foundries together with the necessary NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements), DKLAs (Design Kit License Agreements) and contact details:

Further steps are different for two groups of clients:


1. Full EUROPRACTICE Members

2. Other Customers



  • Only Academic and Research Institutions from the list of eligible countries can become full EUROPRACTICE members.
  • They can register on the website of our partner STFC and pay the Full-IC annual membership fee of 1 100 EURO.
  • After the fee has been fully paid, our customers receive a membership ID. It allows to purchase CAD tools via STFC and access Multi Project Wafer (MPW) fabrication services provided by EUROPRACTICE-IC.
  • To obtain access to the technologies of a particular foundry, full members need to sign the appropriate NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or DKLA (Design Kit License Agreement) and send them to the partner responsible for the foundry in question.
  • When the EUROPRACTICE partner receives the signed documents, the necessary Design Kit, which includes design rules, electrical parameters and cell libraries, will become available for the client.


Other Customers

  • This category includes:
    • Companies located in Europe and worldwide.
      Customers from the private sector are welcome to contact us for obtaining a EUROPRACTICE number for design registration purposes at There is no restriction from which country the customer is, unless the access is prohibited by European or international export regulations.
    • Academic and Research Institutions from the list of eligible countries that have not paid the Full-IC annual membership fee of 1 100 EURO.
    • Academic and Research Institutions that are not mentioned in the list of eligible countries.
  • Customers from this category can follow specific guidelines of a particular foundry (click the blue buttons above for foundry access information).


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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