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MPW Prototyping
EUROPRACTICE offers affordable Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) services for ASICs, MEMS, Photonics, Microfluidics, and Power electronics. You can benefit from our reduced entry costs, initial advice, and ongoing support.
EUROPRACTICE lowers the barrier to all services you need to create electronic circuits and smart integrated systems: Manufacturing at world-leading foundries, design-tool licenses, training courses and webinars.

New: Graphenea

EUROPRACTICE technology offer extends with fabrication processes of Graphenea, a world-leading graphene producer headquartered in San Sebastian, Spain.

TSMC University FinFET Program

EUROPRACTICE-member universities can access the TSMC N16 technology at special pricing. Selected universities can also gain access to TSMC N7 FinFET.


A true one-stop shop, EUROPRACTICE provides all range of services that you need to design and fabricate electronic circuits and smart integrated systems. We offer affordable access to a wide range of CAD tools, training courses and state-of-the-art fabrication technologies, including ASICs, MEMS and Photonics. Our team supports customers in all critical steps on the way from prototype design to volume production.

About us

EUROPRACTICE was launched by the European Commission in 1995 as a successor of EUROCHIP (1989-1995) to enhance European industrial competitiveness in the global market. Over the past 25 years, EUROPRACTICE has provided the industry and academia with a platform to develop smart integrated systems, ranging from advanced prototype design to volume production.

EUROPRACTICE brings design and manufacturing of microelectronic devices within the technical and financial reach of any company or academic group

Our customers

We work with both academia and industry.

Our customers are universities, research institutes and small and medium-sized enterprises located in the European Region and worldwide.

Academic Institutions
Small and medium-sized companies
European Commission
EUROPRACTICE received funding from the European Union’s Chips Joint Undertaking (Chips JU) under grant agreement nr.101096239.

EUROPRACTICE Consortium Partners