Standard and Customised Packaging Solutions for Integrated Circuits



EUROPRACTICE offers a low-cost, flexible and coordinated packaging service using industrial qualified packaging houses. 


Side by side with world-class partners and our long-term agreements, we boost the deployment of your chip backend operations activities. This business environment is strengthened by a skilled team of in-house engineers, who provide a reliable integrated service, from technical aspects to logistics and supply chain management.


We recognise that novel applications and prototypes sometimes need customised assembly. Therefore, together with standard packaging, EUROPRACTICE offers a wide range of custom solutions, ranging from simple custom wirebonds to complex multilayer optoelectronic sub-assembly. Our portfolio also includes Wafer-Level Services and System Integration.


For ASIC packaging, it is important that our customers access packaging services via the same EUROPRACTICE partner that was responsible for the fabrication of their prototypes. For instance, if you had your prototypes fabricated via imec, you should also access packaging services through imec.


Get in touch with us so we can figure out the best solution for your technology and applications.