ASIC packaging



Since the lead time of assembly houses has increased over the last year, the  EUROPRACTICE packaging lead time is now also slightly longer: up to 6 weeks.


It is important that our customers access packaging services via the same EUROPRACTICE partner that was responsible for the fabrication of their prototypes. For instance, if you had your prototypes fabricated via imec, you should also access packaging services through imec.


All  packages require a setup cost of €440 per bonding diagram.


The prices below are valid for all packages and bonding of designs with the following requirements:

  • Pad pitch of min. 90 microns
  • Wire bonding length up to 6mm. If wirebond length is more than 6mm, 30% additional charge applies based on unit price
  • Passivation openings of 76µm x 76µm or larger. Additional charges apply for designs with passivation openings less than 76µm x 76µm:
    •      passivation openings 61µm to 75µm: 325 EUR
    •      passivation openings 51µm to 60µm: 470 EUR
    •      passivation openings 40µm to 50µm: 585 EUR


Minimum package order depends on the EUROPRACTICE partner you work with.

  • Fraunhofer and imec: minimum quantity is 10 packages per design.
  • CMP: minimum quantity is packages per design.


Fixed set-up cost for glass sealing for up to 30 pieces: 820 EUR.


Please make sure you follow ASIC Package Design Rules and download the GDS file containing available packages within EUROPRACTICE:

EUROPRACTICE packaging offer is wider than the options listed below. Please contact us for more details.


Novel applications and prototypes sometimes need customised assembly. Therefore, together with standard packaging, EUROPRACTICE offers a wide range of custom solutions, ranging from simple custom wirebonds to complex multilayer optoelectronic sub-assembly.


To benefit from customized packaging solutions, please contact one of the EUROPRACTICE partners: