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EUROPRACTICE portfolio includes technologies that can be used in a broad range of application domains, from medical and automotive markets to space industry and High Energy Physics. No matter if you aim to create a product to feel a market need or if you have purely research purposes, you will most certainly find the technology you need within our offer.


We invite you to have a look at what our customers have accomplished in various application areas using EUROPRACTICE services. 

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Microelectronics technologies are more and more revolutionizing medical devices. They open new functionalities, allow miniaturization and wireless solutions, decrease power consumption. Microelectronics technologies can be found in various medical applications, ranging from diagnosis to treatment, and in various devices, such as wearables, implantables and more. EUROPRACTICE Services offer affordable access to design and fabrication of microelectronics devices for medical applications.


Experiments in High Energy Physics (HEP) are fundamentally based on very specialized and highly sensitive sensors that normally require custom-made chips. For this reason, an access to low-volume production is particularly important. Moreover, the access to microelectronics must remain reliable as research programs in this field extend over several years. EUROPRACTICE Services are particularly adapted to these specific needs by offering affordable solutions to design and fabricate microelectronics devices for HEP applications.




Telecommunication and Data communications are the backbone of the global digital infrastructure. Microelectronics devices in this field are driven by the market demand for higher speeds, increased capacity, and higher fidelity. They allow for a broad range of applications: from 5G networks to global high-speed internet, from quantum communications to Internet of Things (IoT). EUROPRACTICE gives you access to the right tools and technology platforms to enable Datacom technology innovations.


Today, it is more important than ever to take measures to reduce the carbon footprint and build sustainable energy systems. This can be achieved by optimising power consumption and turning to renewable energy sources. EUROPRACTICE offers a variety of technologies that help develop solutions to the problem, including technologies for low-power applications and power electronics, such as GaN-IC and SiC.


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Space, the final frontier. Space technology has opened a new world of diverse applications that include satellite communication, global climate monitoring, astronomy, defence, and many more. Microelectronics devices in space often need to have reduced size, weight and power consumption while keeping the ability to withstand harsh environment, for instance abnormal temperatures, radiation and pressure. EUROPRACTICE Services have strong experience in space applications. In our portfolio, you can find a wide range of technologies that reach into space.