Wideband synthesizer for 5G & satellite communications

Wideband Synthesizer

Fractional-N RF synthesizer for 5G backhaul and satellite communications


Weasic team

A growing market need for high-performance wideband synthesizers


The expanding market of 5G backhaul networks and the growing demand for satellite communications both lead to an increasing customer need for high-performance wideband synthesizers. These two factors have weighed on our decision to develop a family of Fractional-N RF Synthesizers to address those markets.


Leveraging customer feedback and proprietary data collected from the field, we have come to the conclusion that the Fractional-N RF Synthesizer market for 5G backhaul and satellite radios is a worthmaking investment for Weasic with significant expected ROI.

Layout of the Fractional-N RF synthesizer.

Developing a Fractional-N RF synthesizer


We designed a Fractional-N RF synthesizer with a wide output frequency range from 7GHz to 28GHz, low output phase noise -100dBc at 100KHz offset (when output is 14GHz) and -92dBc at 100KHz (when output is 28GHz). The system requires a reference signal of 100MHz to 800MHz and provides an output signal with power greater than 0dBm across the frequency range. The device is fabricated with 45RFSOI, a partially depleted SOI technology of GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

PLL 7GHz measured performance with reference operating at 200MHz (2 X 100MHz external reference).

Successfully addressing demanding applications


We have verified the full functionality of the phase-locked loop (PLL). The measured results are quite close to the simulated performance. This device can be used as a low power PLL for demanding applications like 5G backhaul and Satellite Communications where there is a great need for mmWave local oscillator (LO) signals that can be phase adjusted over time.

Chip picture of the QFN package with the die.