Design contest
for first-time users of CORNERSTONE’s silicon photonics platforms

CORNERSTONE and EUROPRACTICE are launching a design contest

for first-time users of CORNERSTONE’s Silicon-Photonics platforms.



Applicants are free to choose between five CORENSTONE’s  photonics platforms:

  • Si-Photonics 220nm SOI passives
  • Si-Photonics 340nm SOI passives
  • Si-Photonics 500nm SOI passives
  • SiN-Photonics
  • Suspended-Si


CORNERSTONE technology is an open source, license free rapid prototyping platform that offers unparalleled flexibility in its MPW runs, with the option to customize certain steps.


The passive SOI calls include 2/3 etch depths and optional TiN based thermal phase shifters. The SiN calls offer a single etch process and optional TiN based thermal phase shifters, and the suspended-Si calls are based on the 500 nm SOI platform.


CORNERSTONE utilizes DUV lithography, and offers the unique capability to pattern certain layers using high resolution e-beam lithography. Such a platform allows for much more flexible control over your designs.


Explore CORNERSTONE technologies

The suspended-Si platform is based on 500 nm SOI and undercuts the BOX layer to extend the Si waveguide transparency up to ~8 µm. Ideal for gas and sensing applications.
Get 10 samples of your fabricated design in your choice of technology.
About the contest

The winner will get a free prototype fabrication (excluding packaging) of one standard block size design on your choice of CORNERSTONE’s technology platform in 2022 – representing a value of over 14,000 €.


Who can apply?
Start-up, SMEs, and researchers from academic or research institutes that have never prototyped with their choice of technology platform at CORNESTONE before.


How to apply?

Download and fill in this short Note of Interest application template, and submit it via email to

Multiple applications can be submitted, but a maximum of one design per organisation can be approved.

When are the deadlines?

Short note of interest (application template) to be submitted by 28 February 2022.

Final design to be submitted by 30 September 2022, or two weeks before your choice of MPW fabrication run, which ever is first.

Proposals will be evaluated by an independent committee and the winners will be informed by 31 March 2022.


What are the evaluation criteria?

  • Novelty of the application of Si Photonics 340nm technology
  • Proposed design methodology
  • Clarity of application and credibility of case
  • How this will lead to further research and/or funding applications


We are looking forward to your applications!

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