IHP SG13G2 – Paderborn University, Germany

IHP SG13G2 – Paderborn University, Germany

IHP SG13G2-electronics for applications in quantum technologies

High-Frequency Electronics and Department of Physics, Paderborn University, Paderborn, Germany


Alex Widhalm, Andreas Thiede, Artur Zrenner


IHP 0.13µm SiGe BiCMOS SG13G2

Die size

900µm x 720µm (mini@sic)

Design tool

Cadence Virtuoso version IC6.1.7-64b


Quantum technologies play an increasingly important role in today’s world. In this context, quantum mechanical state control and state preparation play a central role. The state control can be performed utilizing coherent control.

Until now, coherent control of single QDs (Quantum Dots) has been demonstrated by using purely optical ps laser fields. In our work, we apply a new coherent optoelectronic control protocol, where we are using a combination of optical ps laser fields and ps electrical fields. For this purpose, we have designed IHP SiGe BiCMOS-Technology based electronic chips, which deliver voltage transients in the ps-time domain and operate at cryogenic temperatures (liquid helium 4.2K).

Our protocol has the advantage that the population of the QD can be achieved with π/2 laser pulse pairs, which play the role of an invariant optical clock. Coherent state preparation for any target state |T> is completely controlled by phase manipulation via the electrical pulses P(Φ1) and P(Φ2). This seems advantageous in terms of the systems scalability.

Protocol for the coherent optoelectronic preparation of an arbitrary quantum state in an exciton qubit
Photograph of SiGe-chip connected to QD photodiode by wire bonding mounted on PCB with integrated electronic components
Ramsey-based optoelectronic sampling of the applied electric pulse edge. A change of the optoelectronic pulse delay by 100ps results in a π phase shift.


The department High-frequency Electronics of University Paderborn has been using EuroChip and EUROPRACTICE initiatives since its foundation in 1999. We have worked with OMMICs GaAs HEMT, ST Microelectronics CMOS and IHPs HBT technologies in numerous research projects. We appreciate the EUROPRACTICE services for providing access to leading edge IC technologies and CAD tools at reasonable prices. It is thus wonderfully suitable for academic institutions!


[1] Widhalm, A. et al. “Ultrafast electric phase control of a single exciton qubit” Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 111105 (2018).

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