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The access to the XMB10 MEMS process is provided by the EUROPRACTICE partner imec, which offers customers a direct access to the X-FAB download website with all technical information and latest design kits.

1 – Sign and return necessary documents

To request an X-FAB NDA, please contact mpc@imec.be and provide the following information:


1) Company / University / Institute information

Full legal name:

Address details (including zip-code and country):


2) Affiliates

If there are affiliates which you would like to add to the NDA, please let us know (the full legal name + address details).


3) Authorized signatory information (person who will electronically sign the NDA)

Full name:

Position / Job role:

Email address:


4) Account holder information (person who will gain access to myXFAB)

Full name:

Position / Job role:

Email address:

2 – Access technology files

When the NDA is signed, an Account Holder will get access to myXFAB with the necessary technology information.

3- Register and submit your design
  • Register your design via Design Registration form and reserve a spot in one of the scheduled runs. To do that, you will receive a user name and a password.
  • Submit the design before the deadline mentioned in the corresponding run schedule

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact mpc@imec.be


X-FAB Technology Information

Pieter Claes

e-mail: epmems@imec.be

Tel: +32(0)16 288 770