EUROPRACTICE users can access IHP’s powerful SiGe:C BiCMOS technologies and special integrated RF modules. IHP technologies are based on 0.13μm / 0.25μm CMOS process. Several generations of high-speed SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors (HBT), passive components, such as poly resistors and MIM capacitors, have been developed and integrated in 0.25µm and 0.13µm BiCMOS technologies which are available for chip fabrication via IHP’s MPW and prototyping service.


The 0.13µm BiCMOS process SG13G2 represents the fastest currently available SiGe HBT technology featuring peak fT/fmax values of 300 GHz/500 GHz. These developments were based on a series of pioneering contributions to the development of SiGe HBTs including the introduction of carbon doping for stabilizing steep base doping profiles and new device constructions with reduced parasitic resistances and capacitance.


SG13G3Cu technology is the IHP´s highest performance HBT’s with up to 470 GHz transit frequencies and up to 650 GHz maximum oscillation frequencies. The process offers a 8-layer Cu-BEOL from X-FAB containing  4 thin Cu layers, 2 thick 3μm Cu layers, a thin Al layer with 2 fF/μm MIM capacitor and a 2.8 μm Aluminum top layer. This technology offers CMOS devices with 130 nm gate length and 1.2 V core voltage and high voltage CMOS devices with 3.3 V core voltage.


These IHP technologies are especially suited for applications in the higher GHz bands, e.g., for telecommunications & broadband (Gigabit WLAN, wireless sensor networks, wireless security solutions, fiber optic circuits), radar, medical imaging applications, aerospace, short-range detection for automotive, image sensor and motion recognition.


Here you can find specific technical details of all IHP technologies: