CMC Microsystems announced that the organization will facilitate silicon photonics wafer runs through Advanced Micro Foundry (AMF) of Singapore with local European support from the EUROPRACTICE partner CMP (current CIME-P). In 2020, the Si-Photonics fabrication process AMF has become available for EUROPRACTICE customers.


Technical characteristics:

  • Silicon-on-insulator, 220-nm top Si film, 2000-nm buried oxide (BOX)
  • High resistivity handle wafer (>750 ohm-cm)
  • 193-nm deep UV lithography for waveguides, enabling features down to approximately 140 nm
  • Two partial etches and one full etch of the top silicon
  • 6 implants for optical modulators (P++, P+, P, N++, N+, N)
  • Germanium deposition and implanting for photodetectors
  • Two metal levels, no planarization
  • Front side oxide etch to selectively expose waveguides, e.g. for sensing applications
  • Deep trench with etched facets for edge coupling
  • Supports design and fabrication of a range of components and systems consisting of:

     – modulators

     – detectors

     – waveguides (strip or ridge)

     – gratings for fiber coupling

     – deep trench and nano-tapers for edge coupling

     – multiplexers (diffraction or arrayed waveguide) and filters (resonators, Bragg gratings)

     – ring and disk resonators.

  • Frontend Backend tools: Siemens EDA Pyxis and Luceda IPKISS-Tanner L-Edit