EUROPRACTICE-IC provides Multi-Project-Wafer prototyping and Volume Production services of imec Silicon Photonics and Silicon Nitride Photonics.


Imec is a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies headquartered in Belgium.


It offers cost-effective, highly reproducible and CMOS compatible fabrication. Customers can benefit from regularly scheduled MPW runs and dedicated mask runs.


Complete PDKs include technology details, design and layout rules, and a library of building block components.


imec currently offers the following technologies for EUROPRACTICE customers:

The ISiPP50G platform co-integrates a wide variety of passive and active components to support a wide range of optical transceiver architectures at data rates of 25Gb/s or 50Gb/s. The offered integrated components include low-loss waveguides, efficient vertical grating or broadband edge couplers, high-speed silicon electro-optic modulators, high-speed silicon-germanium electro-absorption modulators, high-speed germanium waveguide photo-detectors, and an option for exposed waveguides (removing oxide from the top of the waveguides so exposing them to ambient). iSiPP50G offers state-of-the-art performance, design flexibility and superior CD and thickness control. It is a fixed process technology (130nm) with a validated device library.

imec Si-Photonics iSiPP50G
Enabled devices
3 silicon
patterning steps
3 etch depths
in 220nm Si:
70nm, 160nm;
220nm (193 nm litho)
Strip/rib waveguides,
various passive
optical devices,
silicon taper
Gate oxide and
Poly-Silicon layer
1 etch depth:
full poly etch (160nm)
(193nm litho)
Advanced grating couplers,
poly-Si waveguide
Ion implantation in Si
8 implants levels:
4x n-type and
4x p-type
Si carrier depletion,
injection and accumulation devices,
Ge Photodectors, doped Si resistors, …
Ge module
100% Ge(Si) RPCVD
selective epitaxial
growth & 2x
implants levels
Ge Photodectors Ge(Si) EA modulator
Silicide tungsten contact module
Ohmic contacts
to doped silicon
Standard CMOS
contacts plugs
Metal heater
Metal layer for heaters
Metal heaters
Two-level metal interconnect
Cu-based two-level
Standard CMOS
Aluminium finish
Standard CMOS
Deep trench
Deep trench
to expose edge
coupler facets
Edge couplers

imec Si-Photonics Passives+ technology is a subset of iSiPP50G technology.

Main characteristics:

  • The device layer of SOI wafers is etched at three different depths to enable integration of different photonic functions.
  • A patterned poly-Silicon layer improves the performance of grating couplers for out-of-plane coupling to fibers.
  • A deep etched trench at an edge of the chips, combined with edge-coupler components, provides optical access, with a broader optical bandwidth.
  • A layer for metal-based heaters enables thermal tuning of the optical functions.
  • Electrical access to the metal heaters is established through two additional levels of metal interconnect.
  • Option for exposed waveguides (removing oxide from the top of the waveguides so exposing them to ambient).
  • The imec Si-Photonics Multi Project Wafer service (MPW) serves datacom and telecom applications, but also welcomes designs for other applications, e.g. sensing.
EUROPRACTICE webinars on imec MPW services