EUROPRACTICE customers can access the following CEA-Leti technologies.


CEA-Leti, a technology research institute at CEA Tech, pioneers micro and nanotechnologies, tailoring differentiating applicative solutions that ensure competitiveness in a wide range of markets. The institute tackles critical challenges such as healthcare, energy, transport and ICTs. 


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The EUROPRACTCE partner CMP provides access to HCMOS9A ST Microelectronics technology coupled with CEA-LETI post-process OxRAM Non volatile memory.

Memory Advanced Demonstrator 200mm (MAD200)
Technology characteristics
In order to address new emerging Non-volatile memory technologies and to develop an optimized memory stack that targets the client requests, CEA-LETI with CMP offer a so-called Memory Advanced Demonstrator (MAD) Multi-Project Wafer based on 130 nm 200mm base wafers with 4 copper metal lines.
This technology builds on top of HCMOS9A ST Microelectronics. The post-process at CEA-LETI allows integration of additional layers at wafer level for NVM deposition.
The memory module, that can consist of OxRAM technology, is fabricated in the BEOL before pad level. This versatile test vehicle offers the possibility to have on the same silicon test structures spanning from simple resistors (1R), resistors with its selector transistor (1T1R), memory arrays (1kb cuts to 1Mb array) up to complex IC designs allowed by the routing placed on the 4 metal levels. All such structures are essential for a deep analysis of the memory functionality: From bulk material (with its interfaces) screening, obtained by the 1R and 1T1R; passing through statistical analysis of extrinsic bits, obtained by memory arrays; up to first validation of complex functions obtained by specific designs. MAD offers also a benchmark opportunity between different technologies (PCM, MRAM, CBRAM, …) with the same test vehicle in order to extract benefits and drawback from each of them.
Application area
Storage Class memory, Embedded memory, Neuromorphic, Computing, Artificial Intelligence accelerator.
Design kits version
Frontend/backend tools
Virtuoso (Cadence) –> release aligned on ST PDK
Simulation tools
Eldo (Siemens EDA) –> release aligned on ST PDK
Addon_NVM_LibCategory Device:OxRAM
Typical Turnaround time
Typical leadtime: 24 weeks from MPW run deadling to packaged parts delivery

CEA-Leti’s versatile Si-SiN photonics platform allows miniaturization, power efficiency, cost reduction and scalability of photonic integrated circuits (PIC).


Pioneering silicon photonics for more than 15 years, CEA-Leti has designed a technology toolbox featuring state-of-the-art performance for communication, computing and optical sensing.


CEA-Leti’s Si-SiN photonics platform offers a broad range of processes on 300 mm wafers that leverage world-class pre-industrialization equipment. CEA-Leti’s fabrication platform enables large-scale integration of active and passive devices in a flexible CMOS compatible process.


You can find more information on the dedicated CEA-Leti Photonics page.